2020年センター試験 英語,筆記試験の日本語訳をこちらに記載しておきます!

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A couple of weeks ago, I was hiking with my dog on a mountain when something unexpected happened and I lost sight of him. I looked and looked but couldn’t find him. He had been with me for so long that it was like I was missing part of my soul.


Ever since that day, I had a strange feeling. It was beyond sadness-a feeling that I didn’t quite understand, as if something were pulling me to go back to the mountain. so every chance I got, I grabbed my backpack to see if the mountain could offer me some sense of relief.

その日以来,私は不思議な気持ちでした.それは悲しみを超えていました.まるで何かが山に戻るように私を引っ張っていたかのように,私は全く理解していなかった感じです. チャンスがあれば,バックパックをつかんで,山が安心感を与えてくれるかどうかを確かめました.

One sunny morning, I stood at the foot of the mountain. Something felt different this day. “Please forgive me,” I said out loud. “I’ll find you!” I took a deep breath and began my journey with this mysterious pull growing stronger. After making my way along paths I thought I knew well, I realized I was somehow in an unfamiliar place. I panicked a little, lost my footing, and slipped. From out of nowhere, an elderly man came running towards me and helped me up.

ある晴れた朝,私は山のふもとに立っていました.この日は何かが違うと感じました. 「許してください」私は大声で言いました. “あなたを見つけます!” 私は深呼吸をして,不思議な力が強くなり,旅を始めました. 道に沿って進んだ後,私はよく知っていると思ったのですが,何とかなじみのない場所にいることに気付きました.私は少しパニックになり,足場を失い,滑りました.どこからともなく,年配の男性が私に向かって走ってきて助けてくれました.

Looking at his gentle, smiling face, I felt a sense of ease. The old man said he was looking for a way to the top of the mountain, so we decided to climb together.


Soon the path began to feel familiar again. We talked about many things, including my dog. I told him that he was a German shepherd. When he was younger, he served briefly as a police dog but had to stop due to an injury. The man let out a laugh saying he had been a police officer for a short time, but he quit. He didn’t say why. Later, he spent a long time as a bodyguard. He also had German roots. We laughed at these similarities.


Before we knew it, we reached a large open area and took a break. I told the man what had happened to my dog. “He had a tiny bell on his collar to scare away bears. We came to this very spot and saw a bear. It was looking back at us. I should have held my dog because, sensing danger, he chased after the bear. I couldn’t find him after that. I should have been more careful.”

それを知る前に,私たちは広いオープンエリアに到着し,休憩しました. 私は犬に何が起こったのか男に伝えました.

As I was telling the story, the man’s expression changed. “It wasn’t your fault. Your dog just wanted to keep you safe,” he said. “I’m sure Tomo would want to tell you this. Also, thank you for not giving up.”


Tomo is my dog’s name. Did I tell him this? The old man’s comment rang in the air.

トモは私の犬の名前です.私は彼に犬の名前を伝えた出ようか? 老人のコメントが空中に響き渡りました.

Before I could ask anything, the man proposed we hurry to get to the top of the mountain. I was planning to do this my dog a few weeks ago. After two more hours of hiking, we reached the peak. I set down my backpack and we sat taking in the magnificent view. The old man looked at me and said, “Mountains offer truly magical experiences.”

私が何かを尋ねる前に,男は私たちが急いで山の頂上に着くよう提案した. 私はこれを数週間前に私の犬にしようと考えていました.さらに2時間のハイキングの後,山の頂上に達しました.バックパックを置いて,壮大な景色を眺めながら座っていました. 老人は私を見て,「山は本当に魔法のような体験を提供します」と言いました.

I looked around for a place to rest. I guess I was pretty tired, because I fell asleep right away. When I woke up, I noticed that the old man had disappeared. I waited, but he never returned.

休む場所を探しました.私はすぐに眠りに落ちたので,私はかなり疲れていたと思います. 私が目を覚ましたとき,私は老人が姿を消したことに気づきました.待ちましたが,彼は戻ってきませんでした.

Suddenly, in the sunlight, something caught my eye. I walked over and saw a small metal tag beside my backpack. It was the same silver name tag that my parents originally gave to my dog. Tomo it said.


It was then that I heard a familiar noise behind me. It was the ringing of a tiny bell. I turned around. What I saw caused so many emotions to rush over me.

その時,後ろでおなじみの音を聞きました.それは小さな鐘の音です. 振り返りました.そこで見たものは非常に多くの感情を私に押し寄せました.

After a while on the mountaintop, I attached the name tag to my old friend and carefully made my way home with the mountain’s gift beside me. My soul felt very much complete.

山頂でしばらくしてから,私は旧友に名札を付け,山の贈り物を私のそばに慎重に家に帰りました. 私の魂はとても満ち満ちとしていました.